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Your Cell Phone Is NOT a Babysitter

In the new age of cell phones with cameras, text messaging, video, mp3 player capabilities, and family plans, it is no wonder so many of our children are carrying cell phones these days.  I have seen children as young as 6 years old packing the devices.  The cell phone is the new status symbol for our children.  The cool kid always have the latest multifunctional phone that can do everything except clean your child's room.

As convenient as they are, for tracking down your child, and alerting you to the end of practice or a lesson, there is one thing they are not...a babysitter.  I can't tell you how many otherwise responsible parents leave their young children routinely in compromising situations (alone too long at a mall, school, or park) because "they have a cell phone."  

Many parents have the false expectation we will be notified if our child is in danger.  We all wish this to be true, but don't be nieve.  There is no subsitute for a parent who is present to prevent potential issues, and to handle situations a child has not been trained to deal with.

We all understand horrible things can happen to a child who is alone, even those who live in the best of neighborhoods.  Child molesters and those who expose themselves to children are a real threat is today's society.  These people can threaten, or take, or harm your child physically and mentally in an instant, before your child can even flip the phone open.  Preditors are being taught to destroy cell phones first, to avoid photos and potential calls, text, etc.  When this happens to your child, you will be waiting on the other end of your cell phone waiting for a call that will never come. 

Your cell phone is not a babysitter.    

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