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Zoku Quick Popcicle Maker

I just got a Zoku popcicle maker for Christmas and we all love it!  Not only can you make delicious pops in under ten minutes, you can regulate what goes in them to make healthy fun treats for the whole family.

I've been cuisinarting all sorts of fruits (pineapple, mango, strawberries are all great choices).  You can add slices of kiwi or banana and then your favorite juice to bring it all together.  The sky is the limit. 

The kids have all been really into helping to create all sorts of pop concoctions.  And they really are ready to eat in about 8 minutes!

I wasn't sure how the thing worked at first, but the video tutorial on the Williams Sonoma website is really helpful.  They show you the basics as well as give you ideas for how to layer pop flavors.  (i.e.  pour 1/4 OJ and let set for a minute.  pour 1/4 cran juice & let set.  pour the rest OJ and you have a really pretty layered pop).

You can also use jello pudding (pudding pops!) or jello gelatin. 
From what I have read - the only limitation is that you cannot use sugar free stuff.  Somehow it doesn't freeze right or gets stuck.  But if you use fruit and other healthy options (even watering down your juice a bit) you can still make healthy fun snacks!

Brings me back to my childhood when we used to make this type of pop in a tupperware style container.  Three cheers!

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