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6 Steps to Create Your Very Own Snow Globe

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Activity Overview

Create a winter wonderland no matter what climate you live in. Everyone in the family loves the wonder that a snow globe brings. This craft is easy and inexpensive to make and allows your little artist to personalize his/ her snow globe to suit their interests. Kids will love using figurines of their favorite characters or creating a pretty nature scene of their own to create their very own winter wonderland. Enjoy the endless possibilities that this craft offers and become happily mesmerized with the winter or magical ( glitter can represent magic too) world with each shake of the globe.

Materials Needed

  • A small jar with lid of any size. ( a baby food jar or pickle jar work well)
  • Small plastic figurines, so that they will not rust over time.
  • sandpaper
  • glycerin
  • epoxy
  • glitter
  • distilled water

How to Make It

  1. Clean the jar well.
  2. Use sandpaper to sand down the inside of the lid to make it rough.
  3. Apply epoxy to the inside of the lid, add your figurine or other decorations and let the epoxy dry.
  4. Fill the jar with water and a few drops of glycerin.
  5. Sprinkle in a small amount of glitter. Do not add too much or the glitter with clump up at the bottom of the jar.
  6. When the epoxy on the lid is completely dry, screw the top on the jar and seal tightly. Shake and watch it snow!

Makes a great gift for family or friends or a really cool keepsake for yourself!

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