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Cloud dough is an extraordinarily fun sensory activity for children of all ages. Little hands can spend hours manipulating the dough from this recipe and it will form and then fall back away. Squeeze and build
Create a Fuzzy Chenille Tailed Squirrel out of acorns and pipe cleaner. Aspiring artists of all ages will enjoy this fun craft which turns items from nature into adorable artistic critters. In addition to being
Create your own Crazy Haired Egg Head and watch the grassy head of hair grown and grow, In this fun craft, children can hollow out an egg shell and grow grass inside the well decorated head of the eggshell. Add
Create this fun and friendly Fall themed owl out of pine cones and acorns. Children of all ages will love collecting the materials for their sweet little owls that they will be crafting. Allow them to pick a variety
Knitting and crocheting are fun activities and can be great self confidence and skill building activities for children. The tools needed for these activities can sometimes be difficult to manipulate for tiny hands
If you are like me and have longed to explore the art of weaving, but did not have a loom, you are going to love this hula hoop loom project! Create a vibrant and one of a kind masterpiece in any size that can
Create these fun embroidery floss woven stars out of string and cardboard for a beautiful woven masterpiece. School aged artists and older will enjoy playing with design patterns by crisscrossing thin embroidery
When our gardens are in full bloom, we often wish that they would stay around forever. Why not preserve some of the magnificent displays of fresh flowers so that you can incorporate them into a wide variety of
Create incredibly fragrant and all natural dough ornaments and sculptures with this fascinating and unique homemade play dough. We happened upon this pleasant dough by accident when one of our children dumped
Create magical memories that will last when you create your own precious stepping stones. Time flies by so quickly and so many times we have such good intentions on preserving the moments that are so fleeting
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