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Water Bottle Garden Spinners

In & Outdoor Free
Craft Projects, Recycled

Activity Overview

Turn trash into treasure and create fun and beautiful garden art out of recyclable plastic water bottles. This fun project is suitable for all ages to enjoy so even the littlest artists can join in on the fun. Sharp scissors are helpful when cutting the plastic in this craft, so adult supervision is recommended for the cutting steps.

These Water Bottle Garden Spinners are fun to make and will add visual interest to your garden or porch. Young crafters will be proud to watch their creations twirling in in the breeze.

Materials Needed

  • plastic water bottles
  • sharpie permanent markers in all colors
  • sharp scissors ( adult supervision)

How to Make Them

  1. Take the lids off of all of your bottles and tear off the labels.
  2. Make sure that your water bottles are all completely dry on the inside and outside. We set ours out in the sun for a short while before we got started.
  3. Use your permanent markers to color the entire exteriors of the water bottles. Try using a variety of colors to add vibrance.
  4. With your scissors, cut the bottom circle off of the bottom of each bottle.

  5. Beginning at the cut edge at the bottom of the bottle, carefully cut the plastic around and around, from the bottom of the bottle all of the way to the very top. Stop cutting when you reach the non ridged rounded portion near the mouth of the bottle. You have now created a spiral.

  6. Repeat this cutting process on each of the bottles.
  7. When you are done cutting out all of your water bottle spirals, tie a thin piece of fishing line or string through the mouths of the bottles and hand them on on a branch, plant stand or other area in your garden or yard.

  8. You can stack the mouths of each of the water bottles on top of one another so that they function as one water bottle spiral spinner or hang them individually.

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