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Brainteasers & Puzzles

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Challenge your friends and family to the task of getting an egg to float in a glass of water. Then, when they are unsuccessful and say that it cannot be done, follow the steps below to do just that. In this puzzling
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Try to figure out these fun brain challenging puzzles and share them with your friends and family. Brainteasers are a great way to bend your mind a bit and give your brain a little bit of a workout. Fun questions
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Here are some brainteasing puzzles to bend your mind and challenge your brain cells. Try to figure them out on your own and have a fun sharing them with your friends. Reveal the answers for some Aha moments that
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Give your brain a little workout session with these mind bending brainteasers that school aged children and adults will enjoy. This collection of brainteasers will challenge the mind and encourage you to think
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Lay a few easily accessible items on the table in front of a friend or family member and challenge him or her to lift a soda bottle without actually touching the bottle. They can only use the items in front of
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Can you tie a knot with only one hand? We challenge you to give it a try on your own and then try out out solution listed below to complete the challenge. Share this challenge with your friends and family for
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Here is a tricky balancing act which is certain to challenge you, but the results will be well worth the rewards. Patience and perseverance are key to this magic tricks which has its core in finding the exact
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