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Can You Tie a Knot with Only One Hand?


Activity Overview

Can you tie a knot with only one hand? We challenge you to give it a try on your own and then try out out solution listed below to complete the challenge. Share this challenge with your friends and family for a fun brain teasing activity that is sure to engage every one of your problem solving skills.

Materials Needed

  • A rope or length of twine
  • One hand

How to Do It

  1. Hold your hand straight out in front of you with your thumb up.
  2. Lay the rope or string over the top of your hand.
  3. Hold the string with your thumb.
  4. Tilt your hand down a bit and grasp one of the rear dangling string with your first two fingers. Hold that end between those first two fingers.
  5. Turn your wrist downward and the loop that surrounds your hand will slide forward and slide over your fingers and consequently the string end that is in your fingers' grasp.
  6. Voila! You have tied a knot with only one hand!

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