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Aspiring young magicians will love this Math Themed Card trick which relies on a simply math problem for its accuracy. While the number equation of cards appears random to your audience, the answer will always
Add a little bit of mathematical magic to your next magic act or simply slip this trick into regular conversation and wow your friends and family. These are exercises that are mental math tricks where the outcomes
If you are looking for a quick and easy coin trick that is great for the beginner magician. the the Magically Appearing Coin Trick is definitely for you. Aspiring magicians of all ages will be able to perform
Grab a pencil and try out this interesting Rubber Pencil Illusion. This is a fun illusion that will show how your eyes can play tricks on you. This is definitely one of those jaw dropping, quick and easy activities
Perform a tricky feat of magic using a box of crayons at your next performance and you are certain to wow the crowd. In this magic trick, you will convince your audience that you can telepathically guess the color
Have you ever heard or seen someone crack their knuckles or crack their neck and has it left you squirming in your chair? This is exactly the effect that this illusion will likely have on your audience when you
Make a teacup vanish before your audience's eyes with this masterful illusion.This magic trick requires a little bit of preparation and a trustworthy partner to carry it out properly. Practice this trick ahead
The next time that spaghetti is on the menu for mealtime, try out this Spaghetti Break Challenge with your family. It is sure to baffle those at the table tonight. Challenge your mealtime partners by asking
A puzzling challenge is always a great addition to a magic show and makes for fabulous family fun. The fun part of challenges like this one is that every family member can give this one a try even after the big
Put on some music reminiscent of that of a snake charmer and use the magic and science of static electricity to make your homemade snake dance. Aspiring magicians of all ages will have a lot of fun with this crafty
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