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Grape in the Glass Trick

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Activity Overview

Have fun challenging your friends and family to complete a task that hardly seems possible. Your audience is certain to be stumped by your challenge and will inevitably be wowed when you are able to perform the task effortlessly.

In this trick, you will challenge an audience member or two to remove a grape from the bottom of a champagne glass without touching the glass or the grape. To solve the problem, simply blow hard into the top of the glass and the grape should pop right out with ease.

Materials Needed

  • A champagne glass
  • A grape

How to Do It

  1. Place a champagne flute onto the table.
  2. Drop a grape into the glass.
  3. Ask a friend or family member if they can get the grape out of the glass without touching the glass or the grape.
  4. When they tell you that it is impossible, simply put your mouth above the glass and blow hard down into the glass and the grape will pop right up and out of the glass. Be ready to catch it.

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