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Math Themed Card Trick

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Card Tricks

Activity Overview

Aspiring young magicians will love this Math Themed Card trick which relies on a simply math problem for its accuracy. While the number equation of cards appears random to your audience, the answer will always be 10, hence the 10th card in the deck.

This great card trick can be performed by children of all ages and is sure to wow the crowd. Add this trick to your next magic show or as a before dinner trick or boredom buster. Try it again and again and see if your audience can stump you.

Materials Needed

  • A deck of playing cards

How to Do It

  1. Prior to beginning your trick, discreetly peek at the 10th card in the deck and make a mental note of it.
  2. Choose a volunteer from your audience and ask him or her to choose a number between 10 and 20.
  3. Count out that number of cards that correlates to the chosen number to create a smaller deck to place on the table face down in front of you.
  4. Now pick up the smaller deck and ask your volunteer to add the first and second digit of their number together. This will be their new number.
  5. Now, counting from that smaller deck, hand the volunteer the new number.
  6. Instruct the volunteer not to show it to you.
  7. The card will be the card you memorized. While the volunteer is holding the card, ask them if it’s the card you memorized from the deck and announce the number with a little but of dramatic flair that only a magician can pull off.

Savita K.
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