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Knot Tying Challenge

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Activity Overview

A puzzling challenge is always a great addition to a magic show and makes for fabulous family fun. The fun part of challenges like this one is that every family member can give this one a try even after the big reveal. The object of this activity is to tie a knot in a shoelace or string without letting go of the two ends of the string. This seemingly impossible task has a simple but astounding solution

Materials Needed

  • A shoelace or a piece of rope or twine

How to Do It

  1. Lay a shoe lace on the table and ask an audience member to volunteer to accept a challenge.
  2. Ask your volunteer to pick up one end of the shoelace in one hand and pick up the other end of the shoelace in the other hand.
  3. Ask them to tie a knot in the rope without letting go of the rope with either hand.
  4. They will see this as an impossible task.
  5. To accomplish this task cross your arms with one hand coming over the top and one coming out of the bottom.
  6. Now, pick up each end of the rope with your hands in this way.
  7. Unfold your arms and proudly show off the knot that you made in the shoelace!

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