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The Magically Appearing Coin Trick

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Coin Tricks

Activity Overview

If you are looking for a quick and easy coin trick that is great for the beginner magician. the the Magically Appearing Coin Trick is definitely for you. Aspiring magicians of all ages will be able to perform this trick with ease.

In this trick you will astonish your audience by make a coin seemingly appear out of thin air. All it takes is a little bit of pre-performance practice to master the technique so that you can pull this trick off with great ease and confidence. The audience will never know what is up your sleeve.

Materials Needed

  • A Coin
  • A Long Sleeved Shirt

How to Do It

  1. Tell your audience that you will now make a coin magically appear in the palm of your hand.

  2. Start by showing the audience your empty palms, held up carefully so that your coin stays in place in your sleeve.

  3. Casually point to both empty hands.

  4. Hold one arm vertically, bent at the elbow, palm facing outward, hand up level with your face like you are waving
  5. Place the coin into your sleeve, so that it sits just at your elbow. The long sleeved shirt should hold it in place.
  6. Say some magic words and drop your hand down so that the coin slides out of your sleeve and quickly catch it.
  7. After you catch the coin, bend your arm back up quickly to its original position and show your audience the coin that you have magically conjured up in your hand.


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