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Coin in the Hole Trick

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Activity Overview

Challenge your audience to fit a coin through a hole that is much smaller than the coin. In this case, the challenge is to fit a quarter through a penny sized hole. It is so much fun to watch others try the seemingly impossible task. When they give up, simply follow the steps below to leave them in absolute awe. They will have to see it done to believe it!

Materials Needed

  • Paper
  • A quarter
  • Scissors
  • A penny
  • Pencil

How to Do It

  1. Trace a penny onto the center of a piece of paper and cut out the hole.
  2. Place a quarter on top of the paper and tell your friends to attempt to push the quarter through the hole.
  3. It will not fit.
  4. Now, take the paper, place the quarter over the hole and fold the paper in half.
  5. Push the two bottom corners of the paper together and the coin will magically drop through the hole.

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