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The Disappearing Teacup

Indoor Free

Activity Overview

Make a teacup vanish before your audience's eyes with this masterful illusion.This magic trick requires a little bit of preparation and a trustworthy partner to carry it out properly. Practice this trick ahead of time before performing it and you are certain to wow the crowd with your divine magic powers.

Materials Needed

  • An old teacup and saucer ( if you don't have an inexpensive one to spare, find one at a second hand shop)
  • A pencil
  • A piece of cars stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A partner
  • A paper napkin

How to Do It


  1. Trace the rim of your cup onto the card stock with your pencil.
  2. Cut out the circle with your scissors.
  3. Glue the bottom of the teacup to the center of the saucer and allow to dry.
  4. Place the cars stock paper circle in the center of the paper napkin and glue it in place.

To Perform the Trick

  1. Ask your partner to carefully bring you the cup and saucer, walking slowly so as not to drop the teacup.
  2. Unfold the paper napkin and show the blank side of it to your audience.
  3. Place the napkin over top of the teacup with the card stock circle over top of the mouth of the cup.
  4. Reveal to the audience that your hands are completely empty.
  5. As you pretend to lift the cup off of the saucer, lift the napkin bu the edges of the cardboard cutout that the audience cannot see.
  6. Simultaneously, as you are lifting the napkin, your partner should tilt the saucer inward toward his or her body so as to not reveal the teacup.
  7. Have your partner walk away while keeping the cup from view.
  8. The audience thinks that you are holding the teacup by the rim b/c of the card stock.
  9. Reply that you aren't terribly thirsty at the moment and quickly bring your hands together and crumble up the napkin, making it look like you have crushed the cup.

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