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Clip the Queen Trick

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Activity Overview

The Clip the Queen Trick will leave your audience scratching their heads and puzzled. Young magicians will be able to wow audiences of all ages with this simple card trick with only two supplies.

The object of the magic trick activity is to show the cards to your audience in a closely fanned out manner with the Queen in the center of the card grouping. After flipping the group of cards over, the magician will challenge the memory of their audience and ask a volunteer to identify the queen with a paperclip. When you flip the cards over, the clip with not be on the queen as they had been so certain that it would be.

Materials Needed

  • A deck of cards
  • A paperclip

How to Do It

  1. Arrange 5 playing cards in your hand face side up with a queen in the center position. Point out the queen's location.
  2. Maintain the cards in a concisely fanned out position and flip the cards over.
  3. Ask someone in your audience to use their recall to remember where the queen was and ask a volunteer to place the paper clip on the location of the queen.
  4. Flip the cards back over and the paper clip that they thought would be on the center card will be on an end card.

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