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Pick a Penny Coin Trick

Activity Overview

Magicians of all ages will have great success with the Pick a Penny Coin Trick. This easy to perform trick will have your audience in awe and wondering how did she do that? Your audience will think that you really do have psychic abilities because this magical feat of performance will prove that to be so.

Add this to a short magic act with other tricks. If you plan to do this trick more than once, be sure to talk, tell a joke or cause a distraction before you rush into a repeat of the trick. That way the pennies can regain their cool temperature before another penny is selected.

Materials Needed

  • 10 pennies
  • A volunteer

How to Do It

  1. Lay out 10 pennies in a row on a table.
  2. Explain to your audience or volunteer that you have psychic mind reading abilities.
  3. Inform yours volunteer that you will leave the room and ask him or her to select one penny from the batch of pennies and place it on his or her forehead with an index finger and hold it there for the count of 50.
  4. At the end of the count to 50, the volunteer should put the penny that they selected back on the table in it's place in the row.
  5. Return to the room and conjure up some magical thoughts about what is coming to your mind as you touch each of the pennies with your finger.
  6. You will instantly know which penny was selected because it will be warmer than the rest of the pennies in the row!

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