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Guess the Color of the Crayon Magic Trick

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Activity Overview

Perform a tricky feat of magic using a box of crayons at your next performance and you are certain to wow the crowd. In this magic trick, you will convince your audience that you can telepathically guess the color of the crayon that they select and place in the hand that you have concealed behind your back. Children of all ages will be able to pull this trick off effortlessly. The great part about this one is that it can be performed in succession with different audience members trying to stump you with a different color crayon. Simply use another finger nail to scratch each color!

Materials Needed

  • A box of crayons
  • A blindfold

How to Do It

  1. Stand with your back to your audience.
  2. Place your hands behind your back and ask a volunteer to pick a crayon out of the box and place it into your hands.
  3. Once you can feel it in your fingers, face the volunteer with your hands concealed behind you.
  4. Quickly scratch the crayon with your thumbnail so some wax gets stuck underneath your fingernail
  5. Keep the crayon behind your back in the opposite hand than the one that you scratched the wax with.
  6. Bring the other hand with the wax on your nail forward and wave your hand around and speak to your audience about how the color felt in your hand as you slightly and discreetly glance at the color on your nail.
  7. Add some drama with your delivery and then guess the color of the crayon and then reveal the crayon to wow the crowd!

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