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An Illusion to Make Your Audience Cringe

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Activity Overview

Have you ever heard or seen someone crack their knuckles or crack their neck and has it left you squirming in your chair? This is exactly the effect that this illusion will likely have on your audience when you perform this secret trick.

In this trick, you will make the motion like you are gently cracking your neck or knuckles while a disposable plastic cup hides under your arm. Timing is everything when you perform this magic trick. When you make the movement and lower your arm, the cup with making a cracking sound that will make most anyone shriek. You can also do this trick in the same manner by pretending to crack your knuckles and crushing the cup under your arm. This is the one illusion in magic where it might be okay to do a big reveal of the cup to reassure your audience and elicit a big laugh.

Materials Needed

  • A disposable plastic cup

How to Do It

  1. Place a plastic cup underneath your right arm so that it is not exposed.
  2. Tell your audience that you need to loosen up before you get started.
  3. Place your left hand on top of your head and your right hand on the bottom of your chin.
  4. VERY GENTLY PRETEND to move your head to the side. You should just tilt your head to the side with your hands in place using no pressure whatsoever or else you could hurt yourself.
  5. As you do this, your right arm should collapse onto the plastic cup creating a bone breaking sound.

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