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Hand and Foot Cartoon Art

Indoor Free
Art Projects

Activity Overview

This art project is a fun way to draw in cartoon form with the concept of depth on a flat piece of drawing paper. When you trace your hands and feet, you are essentially filling in the body behind those extremities. Your drawing will have great visual interest and the spacial and size differential that you draw will trick the eyes into thinking that this is a more three dimensional drawing.

This is a super fun art project that allows a great deal of creativity for your little artist. Artists of all ages will enjoy creating this masterpiece again and again for different effects. You may want to have a frame handy once this project is complete!

Materials Needed

  • Large paper
  • Crayons, Markers, pencils
  • Hands and feet

How to Do It

  1. Lay a large piece of paper on the floor.
  2. Step onto the bottom portion of the paper with both feet and trace your feet onto the paper. You can trace bare feet or feet with shoes on.
  3. Next place your hands on the top portion of your paper and trace those too with your fingers outstretched.
  4. Outline both of your hand prints and footprints with a black marker.
  5. Look at the paper and envision those hands and feet as belonging to a person on the paper with the hands and feet being closest to you, they will appear larger than the person that they belong to. Picture a person falling and reaching up to you, the artist.
  6. Draw the person's body.
  7. After the person is drawn, Consider the expression and mood you would like to portray and the location that this person might be in. Fill in the backdrop with the proper detailed scenery or leave the surrounding page blank.

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