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Water Bottle Bottom Blossoms

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Activity Overview

Create these beautiful flower blossom paintings in only a couple of remarkably simple steps. This art activity can be enjoyed by all ages because it doesn't not require any particular skill or crazy supplies. All that you need is a water bottle, some paint and a surface to stamp on.

Sometimes the best craft ideas happen my accident. This was the case with these lovely Water Bottle Bottom Blossoms. We were having lunch at the ball field and one of the children placed their water bottle down on a paper plate of ketchup. The instinct was to pick it up and move it off instead of wiping down the bottom first. The result was a remarkable stamp that resembled a flower blossom.

Materials Needed

  • Water or soda bottle with distinctly ridged bottom
  • Paint
  • Paper or Canvas
  • Paper plate

How to Make Them

  1. Squirt some paint onto a paper plate and spread it around a bit.
  2. Dip the bottom of your water bottle into the paint.
  3. Stamp it flat and evenly on a piece of paper or canvas.
  4. For this project, we painted a bare branched tree and allowed it to dry thoroughly. Then we used our paint stamping technique all over the branches and beyond and created a beautiful cherry blossom tree painting.

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