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Woven Star Art

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Activity Overview

Create these fun embroidery floss woven stars out of string and cardboard for a beautiful woven masterpiece. School aged artists and older will enjoy playing with design patterns by crisscrossing thin embroidery thread back and forth on a notched cardboard circle. Young artists can create a new star design each time by varying the string patterns and changing the colors of string as they go.

Materials Needed

  • A cup
  • Thin Cardboard with a colored or white clean side
  • Colored embroidery floss thread
  • A Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to Make Them

  1. Trace several 4-5 inch circles on the back side of the cardboard. You only need one for each project.
  2. Cut out the circles.
  3. Measure approximately 1 inch equal segments all the way around the circle. Mark each segment with a dash of the pencil.
  4. Use your scissors to snip a small 1/4 inch notch for each evenly spaced pencil dash.
  5. Cut a long piece of embroidery floss and tie a knot on one end.
  6. Place the knot in the back of one of the slots and pull thread through toward the front.
  7. Pull the string firmly to a slot across the circle from the start.
  8. Wrap the colored string on the underside and pick another slot to pull the string through from the back to the front and repeat steps 6 and 7.
  9. Play with the patterning, swapping colors as you go if you wish to add more depth. Be sure to evenly distribute the string by filling all of the slots in the cardboard before repeating and the same slot.

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