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Adventuredome - Home of the Canyon Blaster

Indoor $$
Laser Tag, Arcades, Mini-Golf, Amusement Parks, Rock Gyms, Birthday Parties, Adventurous, Touristy
2880 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV
URL: Adventuredome - Home of the...  Phone: 702-794-3939

Activity Overview

The Canyon Blaster is the top attraction at the Adventuredome Theme Park inside the Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas. That's right, an indoor roller coaster! The Canyon Blaster, the virtual reality video games, the mini golf course, and the other attractions inside the theme park are open until midnight all year round, regardless of weather. And you don't need to stay at the casino in order to enjoy the thrills. Take a trip down the strip and choose to try a hand at the games or scream your head off on the coaster - your adventure is entirely up to you!

Things to Do

  • Canyon Blaster: The pepto-pink color of the track is appropriate given the amount of twist, turns and corkscrews this coaster will fling you through; zip down the track at 55mph and don't forget to scream; must be 48in tall to ride
  • The Sling Shot: Strap yourself in and prepare yourself for the 4G shot upwards of 100ft only to freefall back to the ground again; must be 48in tall to ride
  • Chaos: Las Vegas' interpretation of a Tilt-a-Whirl; your family will be giggling like geese as Chaos twirls you counterclockwise, upside-down, and all around; must be 48in tall to ride
  • El Loco: The Adventuredome's brand new coaster; El Loco opened February 2014, and for its one-year anniversary, hop on and fly 90ft in the air only to fall back down backwards into a barrel roll; must be 48in tall to ride

Adventuredome Insider Tips

  • The Chaos ride operates on different variations of speed and motion, making each ride on it completely different. Jump on more than once in order to experience the full effect.
  • The Adventuredome offers military discounts, but the discount tickets must be picked up at the base. They are not available at the casino or at the theme park entrance.

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