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PINGPONG MOMENTS is one of the leading corporate Event Management Companies in Gurgaon. Our staff offers quality and reliable services you can count on. In addition, we have a very friendly and professional staff
Thinking about giving your daughter (or son) cheerleading (or another sport) tuition for the holidays? A great way to be able to hand it to them is by giving them a uniform! Buy someone's old uniform and give
With snow comes winter fun. This articles gives parents good ways to have fun with kids in the snow, while teaching them to be socially aware and environtmentally-friendly. Spending time with kids in the snow is
Here are a few fun & easy game that you can set up for the kids in the snow this year.  Great for target practice, friendly competition, or just plain having fun!   Sort of an early spring
This seems like such a common sense thing - but I didn't think of it until just last year.  (This tip is most useful if you have an older daughter and a younger son relatively close in age).  I
This week, our family did something crazy together.  We took to the waves together for the first time.  There we were, a 6 year old with his mom and dad totally clueless about what to do, and nervous
Beaches have something for everyone. There's adventure, relaxation, and entertainment. And the range of accommodation choices, from resorts and combos to shacks and camp tents, caters to every taste and budget
With the Instant Shade you can protect yourself & children from heat stress and dehydration.  The 6' X 8' awning clips or attaches with Velcro almost anywhere, is lightweight, easy to transport
Is your son or daughter a baseball fan? Florida Marlins have a free Kids Club! Your child will receive a letter from Billy The Marlin, 2 FREE Vouchers for a 2008 Marlins Home Game, Player Poster, Baseball
This is a must have for parents on the go. has really cute first aid kits that come in four different colors. They are perfect to use around the house, in the car, sports games, and more. The kits are
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