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Amazing Glittery Goo Superbubbles

Activity Overview

Concoct a polymer glittery goo and create an awesome super stretchy substance from which you can blow super bubbles with your family and friends. This activity is so much fun to make and play with and is great for all ages to enjoy. The great part about these super bubbles is that you can blow these huge goo bubbles and incorporate them back into the polymer and use them again and again. Store in an airtight container for future use as well. The kids had a blast with this activity.

Materials Needed

  • 1 - 5 ounce bottle of Elmers Clear School Glue
  • 1/2 cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch and maybe a small amount more if needed
  • Liquid Water Colors or food coloring
  • Glitter
  • Straws
  • bowl
  • spoon

How to Make and Play

  1. Place glue into a bowl.
  2. Add your liquid water colors coloring and glitter and mix well.
  3. Next, add your starch a little bit at a time, stirring well as you make your additions.
  4. As the polymer thickens dive in with your hands to mix manually by kneading the gooey mixture to incorporate the liquid starch uniformly.
  5. As the mixture becomes more formed, stretch it as you knead before adding more starch until you achieve the desired consistency. It should be nice and pliable and stretchy; not to thin and watery and not to thick or else it won't stretch.
  6. Grab a chunk of stretchy goo with your hand and roll it into a ball.
  7. Stick the ball of glittery goo over the end of a drinking straw.
  8. Blow air into the straw and watch the glittery goo bubbles grow.

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