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American River Bike Trail

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American River Bike Trail, Sacramento, CA

Activity Overview

The American River Bike Trail stretches to 32 miles from the Discovery Park in Sacramento to the Folsom Lake's banks at Feal's Point. It's a two-lane paved trail also shared with in-line skaters, equestrians, and joggers. Most locals prefer this trail because it's free from car-traffic, there are no stoplights, and it's flat. Keep in mind that the road is shared and observe safety precautions at all times.

Things to Do

  • Get your bike and gear up for a ride perfect for cycling beginners. The trail is mostly flat complete with view and mile indicators. There are also bathrooms and rest stops along the trail.
  • Enjoy the scenery and get a breathe of fresh air. There are plenty of nice spots as you go by the lake, several parks, and swimming areas. You might spot birds, squirrels, and deers along the trail too.
  • There are many places where you can stop, rest, and eat. One popular itinerary is to bike to Folsom, eat at any of the restaurants at Folsom, and explore Folsom Old Town.
  • The trail is also great for joggers/runners training for a half or full marathon. Joggers just need to take extra precaution and be aware of bikes that may be running at high-speed on the trail.
  • Bring your dog ang take him for a walk. Remember to keep your furry friend on the leash and be alert for bikes and joggers.

American River Bicycle Trail Insider Tips

  • If you might still be riding after sunset, bring a bike headlight/taillight. There are no street lights on the trail.
  • Bring lots of water and stay hydrated.

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