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American Sign Museum

Activity Overview

The American Sign Museum is a unique museum in Cincinnati, Ohio that features a huge collection of signs of all kinds. The museum was created by Tom Swormstedt, whose family has published the sign industry trade journal Signs of the Times for over 100 years, as a way to pay tribute to the fascinating variety of signs that are used throughout daily life. If your family likes to visit one-of-a-kind attractions you won't want to miss this museum, since it's much more than just a collection of signs.

Things to Do

  • Walk through the "Sign Garden", where you can see all kinds of spectacular neon signs for everything from car washes to cocktail lounges.
  • Explore "Signs of Main Street", a section of the museum dedicated to historic signs which features life-size storefront replicas.
  • Go on an hour-long guided tour of the museum in order to learn more about some of the most interesting signs in the collection as well as the history of signs in the United States.

American Sign Museum Insider Tips

  • Don't miss the chance to visit the working neon shop in the museum, where you can see the fascinating creation process of neon signs.
  • Bring along a camera so that you can take a family photo with the giant 20-foot tall genie that welcomes visitors to the museum!
  • If you have a student in the family, make sure they bring along an ID in order to enjoy discounted admission.

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