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Artsy Fun with Paint Squirters

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Activity Overview

Kids can dress up in play clothes and art smock and have a little fun creating abstract art in an abstract way. Children of all ages will enjoy squirting washable paints at a paper canvas to create colorful masterpieces in a whole new active way. Since this activity is so much fun and will likely fill canvases quickly you might want to add some creative games to the mix while you have the supplies out.

For an added twist, parents can create a bullseye, tic tac toe, or numbered squares on the paper and hang up for fun games. For the numbered squares, you can shout out math problems and the little artist can blast their paint at the answer. Families can also play hopscotch and squirt the square instead of tossing a rock. This is a messy activity, but with washable paint, it will all wash away.

Materials Needed

  • Squirt guns
  • Water shooters
  • water
  • washable tempura paint
  • large roll of paper

How to Do It

  1. Add water to washable tempura paint to water it down.
  2. Fill squirt guns or extract paint into water shooters. Several
  3. Have a blast squirting paint on the "canvas" of paper. You can either tape it up to something outside or lay it flat on the pavement.
  4. Let your unique masterpiece dry.

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