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Assateague Island

In & Outdoor $$
State Parks, Fishing, Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, Biking Trails, Camping, Healthy/Active, Green
7206 National Seashore Lane, Berlin, MD
URL: Assateague Island  Phone: 410-641-1441

Activity Overview

Assateague Island is an area of outstanding natural beauty that can be found in two different states. The northern part resides in Maryland while the southern part occupyies part of Virginia. The island itself is 37 miles in length with a huge variety of activities for families and children of all ages.

Things to Do

  • Go camping at Tom's Cove. The campground offers visitors to the island a night with the great outdoors as well as a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Go saltwater fishing. There's nothing more relaxing than fishing for families to destress. The relaxation is also a great time for bonding with the little ones.
  • Do you like exploring the great outdoors? There are plenty of areas around the island to go hiking, especially when the weather's nice!
  • Cycle around the Assateague State Park.
  • Look for ponies. While sometimes difficult to find, finding these beautiful creatures is a rewarding activity in itself and one of the most popular things to do on the island.

Assateague Island Insider Tips

  • Start at the visitor center to help you learn more about the island and decide which of the many available activities you'd like to do.
  • Spotting ponies can be difficult as the government employees on site would rather not tell you where they are as they don't want hordes of people disrupting them. However, if you ask the locals, many of them are happy to help you in your search. You can also remain vigilant while doing something else as you can sometimes encounter them without even trying.
  • Make sure if you choose to go swimming with little ones, that you do so in an area under the surveillance of a lifeguard.

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