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Awakenings Statue

Outdoor Free
Statues & Structures, Cultural, Touristy
163 Waterfront St, Fort Washington, MD
URL: Awakenings Statue  Phone: 877-628-5427

Activity Overview

This larger than life Awakening Statue is set in sand on the shores of the Potomac River at National Harbor in Prince George's County, MD. The work of art was created by J. Seward Johnson, is more than 70 feet across, 15 feet high and depicts a bearded man trapped in or emerging from the earth.

The statue originally found home in Haines Park in Washington DC, however, due to a Congressional action which set forth that works of art could only be on display at National parks for a short time unless it is commemorative. The sculpture was sold for $740,000 to a developer for the National Harbor project.

Things to Do

  • This statue is the centerpiece of the National Harbor Project. There is not much activity that takes place at the actual sculpture but it is a fascinating piece of art to check out. While on your visit, you can enjoy the beaches and shops and restaurants along the Potomac River and a Children's museum is also meant to be in this area.
  • In the past this has been an incredible photo opportunity, but since its installation at the new location, climbing on the structure has been prohibited.

Awakening Statue Insider Tips

  • The Awakening Statue is not as easy to get to since moving to its new location. The best way to get to this destination is by ferryboat or by car. You may also take a water taxi but that is more on the expensive side.
  • To the disappointment of many, the Awakening Statue is now fenced in and unlike at its old location, you can no longer climb on the structure.

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