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Ballard Commons Park

Outdoor Free
Healthy/Active, Green
5501 22nd Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA
URL: Ballard Commons Park  Phone: 206-684-4075

Activity Overview

Ballard Commons Park is a cute little green space that is home to a fun water feature which is always full of kids during the summer. This Park is at the center of the charming Ballard neighborhood so when the sun is out you can witness the whole area come to life.

Things to Do

  • The water feature at Ballard Commons Park is one of many in the city that always seems to attract children during the summer. Toddlers love the surprise of the jets bursting from the ground while slightly older kids always get a kick out of running through the various sprinklers. Of course adults are welcome too so bring along a set of towels to enjoy this family friendly activity!
  • One relaxing thing to do is to watch the skaters at the park's skate bowl. It can be entertaining watching skaters of all ages and abilities drop in and practice their tricks. Or you can simply lie out in the ample open space and let your children play around on the grass.

Ballard Commons Park Insider Tips

  • Though the Park can be a lot of fun for families and their kids it can also attract the wrong crowd from time to time. There are a number of comments from different people on the internet of individuals being drunk or taking drugs at the park. There were also a few stabbing cases reported during 2014. If you see any illegal activity be sure to inform the police.
  • All of the walkways in the park are ADA accessible.

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