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Ballard Farmers Market

Outdoor Free
Farmer's Markets, Healthy/Active, Touristy
5345 Ballard Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA
URL: Ballard Farmers Market  Phone: 206-851-5100

Activity Overview

The Ballard Farmer's Market has a reputation as one of the finest markets of its kind in Seattle and even in the entire Northwest. Every Sunday come rain or shine the farmers set up their booths and sell their fresh produce and mouth-watering products. Local people come to stock up on supplies for the week, grab some unique tidbits they'll never find in the average supermarket and to brunch. They also come for the conversation and atmosphere as the vendors are known to be cheery and willing to pass out free samples of their products!

Things to Do

  • Whatever fresh produce it is that you are looking for you should be able to find it here at the Ballard Farmer's Market. You should find some scrumptious surprises too with vendors selling all manner of cheeses, jams, ciders, toffees, meats, cream treats, yoghurts, pastas, veggies and so much more. You sometimes hear complaints about the prices being a little steep but you must remember you are paying for quality as well as helping to fund local businesses. Also the simple truth is it can be near impossible to find some of these products on supermarket shelves!

Ballard Farmers Market Insider Tips

  • If you can time your visit right try to head to the market on a sunny day. Since the market is open air this is the time when it hits full gear with crowds of people out to enjoy the day.
  • Check out the restaurants on the streets around the market, some of Seattle's best brunch spots are located round here. A hearty brunch can make the perfect start or end to your visit.

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