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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

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901 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD
URL: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad...  Phone: 410-752-2490

Activity Overview

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum houses the oldest and most historic American Railroad collection in the world. This immaculate museum has an abundant collection of train equipment and steam engines that are housed in the original and recently renovated 1884 roundhouse on the site.

The gallery has both permanent and rotating exhibits which provide great historical relevance to the American Railway system from years past to the present. The B&O Railroad is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute and provides an excellent walking tour and guided tour of Civil War and Railroad history.

Things to Do

  • Venture into a variety of tidy and fascinating fully restored locomotives and train cars, while observing the advancements in technology from then to now.
  • Enjoy viewing exhibits and intricately scaled replicas of trains and other locomotives
  • Learn about the importance of how the railway system played a significant role about how we standardize time.
  • Learn about the tremendous role that the B&O railway played in the Civil War Era.
  • Take a short ride on the first commercial railroad track ever laid.
  • Utilize the playground and picnic area with the family.
  • Visit the museum store for a great variety of souvenirs and giftable items

B&O Railroad Museum Insider Tips

  • You may want to visit the museum on a cooler day or time of day because the roundhouse itself is not an air conditioned building and it can get very warm inside.
  • If you are looking to enhance your visit with a train ride, they are offered on the weekends.
  • There is limited food offered at the Museum. There is a little cafe but it is not always open, so plan accordingly.

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