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Basic Braided T-shirt Bracelets

Indoor Free
Craft Projects, Recycled, Textile & Fiber

Activity Overview

Create stylish braided bracelets out of old t-shirt strips. This is a great craft for children who are learning to braid and it is great for building hand strength and fine motor skills. They are very basic to make and are certain to be lovely accessories accent your wardrobe

In this craft we just used basic braids.You can make them thicker or thinner depending on how wide you cut your t-shirt strips.. You can make a small thin braided bracelet or you could make several small t-shirt braids and hot glue all the ends together to make one big braid.

Materials Needed

  • Old T-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to Make Them

  1. Cut the fabric in 3 strips and pull them firmly. The edges of the fabric curl in and it turns into a rope of sorts.
  2. Attach the ends together with hot glue.
  3. Have a friend hold the glued or close it in a sturdy drawer to provide tension and simply braid the fabric.
  4. When finished braiding, hot glue the ends together.
  5. Cut a two inch square out of your t shirt and after you size your wrist, wrap the patch of fabric around the two ends of of your bracelet and hot glue into place.
  6. For different variations of the traditional braided bracelet, see the Activity Overview above.

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