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Baytown Nature Center

Outdoor $
Fishing, Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, School Trip, Healthy/Active, Educational, Green
6213 Bayway Dr, Baytown, TX
URL: Baytown Nature Center  Phone: 281-424-9198

Activity Overview

The Baytown Nature Center is an ideal destination for nature lovers. The Center and its surrounding park are an idyllic natural habitat for a variety of wildlife including many different bird and butterfly types. For a family it makes a nice relaxing destination where the kids can run free and play or where you can enjoy a picnic.

Things to Do

  • A great number of activities are possible at the Nature Center and the surrounding park. It is the perfect place for those who love to fish while bird watchers and butterfly spotters are in for a treat.
  • If you are health conscious the grounds make a an ideal place to jog or cycle while there are plenty of areas to bring your family for a pleasant picnic.
  • If you are into nature photography you will find an abundance of subjects for great snaps.
  • If you would like a tour of the center or the park itself you can call ahead and organize one with one of the parks knowledgeable naturalists. Phone numbers and further details can be found on their website.

Baytown Nature Center Insider Tips

  • Bird Watchers and Butterfly spotters can download helpful checklists online to keep track of the wildlife they see at the Baytown Nature Center.
  • The only reason for the Center to close is for extreme inclement weather, it is usually open throughout the year. The gates open thirty minutes before sunrise and close thirty minutes after sunset.
  • Children under the age of 12 can enter the park for free. Individual and familial annual passes can be purchased at the center.
  • You can download a map of the park before you visit.

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