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Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum

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4320 E County Road 58, Fort Collins, CO
URL: Bee Family Centennial Farm...  Phone: 970-482-9168

Activity Overview

The Bee Family hasa history at Fort Collins which stretches back to the 1880s. Since that time they have worked the arid land to try and make it prosperous. The current generation hasgone to great lengths to preserve the farm to demonstrate to visitors both their own family history and the history of farming in the United States since the 19th Century. Many genuine items used in the farming process are on display along with personal artifacts of family members who have worked the land before them.

Things to Do

  • There is a fifteen minute introductory film which kicks off the visit to the farm museum after which you can move onto the exhibits. These relay how old fashioned hard work and intelligent irrigation systems employed by the Bee Family and many more like them turned Colorado from an arid land into some of the most productive in the country.
  • You can read about crops grown throughout the area over the past hundred years, see typical tools that have been used in their Far Shop and kids can lend a hand at the interactive farm exhibits "A Farmer Works All Year" and at the "Hands-on Farm Station".
  • There is an assortment of old period structures which you can explore. Kids should enjoy the animal exhibits about the many cows, lambs and horses that have been kept and raised by the Bee Family. They will get the chance to milk a wooden cow, gather eggs from the chickens' nesting boxes and grind corn to feed the animals.

Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum Insider Tips

  • Children under the age of three years old enter the museum for free.
  • The Museum is always looking for volunteers and have positions available for years 12 and up.
  • The Farm is only open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer and autumn months.

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