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Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway


Activity Overview

Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, PA is an iconic landmark, the bridge was constructed and completed in 1926, the bridge connects Camden, New Jersey to Philadelphia. The bridge is one of the world's largest suspension bridges, the bridge is about 8,300 feet long. The bridge has seven lanes for traffic and is heavily traveled everyday. The bridge namesake Benjamin Franklin was a politician and activist and a major pioneering figure, who had served as governor of Pennsylvania in 18th century. The Ben Franklin bridge walkway is open to pedestrians everyday.

Things to Do

  • Crossing over the iconic bridge is a pleasant experience, given the weather is nice and pleasant, it is quite crowded on clear days.
  • The Ben Franklin Bridge walkway attracts runners and bicyclers everyday, so you'd see a lot of runners, walkers and bicycle riders on the bridge.
  • Many head over to the walkway to enjoy scenic views of Delaware River and the Philadelphia skyline, the bridge is lighted well at night and looks beautiful.
  • At the base of the bridge are two historic churches, 1769's St. George's and 1796's St. Augustine.
  • The walkway is generally open everyday from 6AM to 9PM.

Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway Insider Tips

  • Pets are allowed as long as they are leashed.
  • Don't forget to bring camera.

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