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Best Apps for Parents


Parenting Apps can offer busy parents some much needed help.  We're all about finding ways to make life a little bit easier, aren't we?

We have some suggestions to make managing life easier with kids.

For Parents

  • Evernote. This app keeps track of day-to-day life and we love it. This works across multiple devices and you can save audio, visual and text based notes. Very easy to use!
  • ChorePicker. Simple tool to help parents find the perfect chore for your kids. Select age, and this app will give you suggestions and even directions. Use it with the ChoreMonster App, a chore management system for parents and kids.
  • KidnectU. An interactive to-do list focusing on communication between family and a sitter or nanny.

Grocery and Lists

  • OurGroceries. Save time and synchronizes with other phones in your family to share lists.
  • iRewardChart. Keep track of chores and behavior and offer incentives for it.


  • Overdrive. Taps into the local and educational libraries.
  • TeamSnap. Keep in touch with your team and parents of teammates.

Best All-in-One Parenting App

  • MamaBear. Child location tracking via GPS. Gives alerts, driving alerts and monitors social media.
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