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Big Shot at the Stratosphere

Outdoor $$$
Amusement Parks, Adventurous, Touristy
2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
URL: Big Shot at the Stratosphere...  Phone: 702-380-7777

Activity Overview

The Big Shot is not only unique in Las Vegas, there is nothing quite like it in the entire world. No other amusement ride the world over reaches quite as high as this. At its highest point of 1,081 feet it is needless to say that you will have a great view of Las Vegas, if you can keep your eyes open!

Things to Do

  • Are you ready to be fired into the air at a phenomenal speed? The Big Shot shoots you from its starting base at speeds of 45 mph up its 238 foot mast in an incredible 2.5 seconds! This exhilarating rush allows you to feel 4 G's of force; it's like blasting into space! The ride back down is a bit more easy going but don't get too comfortable as you will be sent screaming into the sky again another 3 times before you can get off. Once you are done you should be a giggling, sweating mess!
  • If that isn't enough of a thrill for you there is plenty more to enjoy on top of the Stratosphere.
  • SkyJump Las Vegas allows you to experience the free fall of a skydive over the strip.
  • X Scream will teeter you over the traffic below until you are sure you will fall from safety to the pavement far below.
  • Rounding out this thrill seekers playpen is the aptly named "Insanity". This ride throws your out 68 feet beyond the safety of the tower and then spins you at 40 mphs. You'll be happy to get back to the security of the casino floor once you finish with all those mad thrills!

Big Shot at the Stratosphere Insider Tips

  • The all-day pass which grants you access to all the rides atop the Stratosphere is definitely a good option if you intend on riding them more than once. It will quickly pay for itself after only a few rides.

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