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Billy Johnson Playground

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Billy Johnson Playground, New York, NY

Activity Overview

There are plenty of things to find at Central Park but the Billy Johnson Playground is one of the best places for kids. Unlike other newer playgrounds, Billy Johnson playground is made with a charming natural design built from granite, wood, and stone. The design is quite reminiscent of the countryside. Trees also surround the play structures so kids can stay under the shade while having fun.

Things to Do

  • The playground is best known for its big stone slide stretching 45-ft long from the top curving gently to the bottom. The slide is safe for toddlers and fun enough for bigger kids. Expect the kids to climb back up the carved path and join the queue again for the slide.
  • Kids can play at the huge sand area, run around, climb play structures, and ride the swing.
  • Explore the gazebo and the stone bridge and see how the playground's design resembles Central Park landscapes. The playground's design was inspired by Central Park's highlights such as the Dene Rustic Shelter and the Pond's Gapstow Bridge.
  • Take the kids to the water play area. They can wade in the water or play with the sprinkler.
  • Bring lunch. You'll also find picnic tables inside the playground.

Billy Johnson Playground Insider Tips

  • Does your kid crave more speed at the slide? Kids who regularly visit the playground bring a cardboard to ride on for more speed.
  • The playground is near the Children's Zoo at 67th and 5th. It's a good weekend destination as you can easily spend a day on these two locations.

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