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Birthday Parties

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After spending $50 yesterday on birthday gifts that should have cost $15 - $20, I've come to the conclusion that my mom was right again! See, she used to have a closet full of birthday gifts for kids and
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My daughter wanted to have a build a bear party for her 11th birthday, but I was reluctant due to the amount of girls we were inviting and the expense involved. I thought a build yourself a stuffed animal party
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If you'd like to make a homemade birthday cake for your child's next birthday, you've got to check out this website.  There are literally thousands of birthday cake ideas, all of which can be made
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Birthdays are an exciting time for kids, I know tht mine look forward to it for weeks before their big day. They always want to have a party and invite all their friends and each year they have a different theme
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If you are looking for different and inventive parties or pool parties consider starting with Birthday in a Box. This is a total package beginning with invitations, plates, cups, plastic utinsils, beach balls
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I live in Hawaii, where a luau party is going on almost all the time - but you don't have to live in paradise to enjoy a fun Hawaiian party!  They are relatively easy to plan and really shouldn't cost
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My son is turning 5 this year and he wanted me to "make" the cake this time.  First he wanted an elephant.  But now it's changed to Spiderman.  I googled a bit for birthday cake ideas
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I appreciate the beauty of history within our family.  Having grown up with immigrant parents from a European country, I never had a real finger on my parents' life and 'timeline' because most
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I've been searching for some unique party favors for my daugher's upcoming birthday bash.  The theme is Halloween and I found the cutest handmade lollipops by The Sweet Lollypop Shop in the shape
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My friends think that I am crazy when I say in June that I have all of the supplies needed for my daughter's end of December birthday party. But, I am a planner and organizer and I have always been and
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