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Blue Slide Playground at Frick Park

Outdoor Free
Playgrounds, Climbing Structures, Slides, Healthy/Active, Green
Frick Park, , United States, Pittsburgh, PA
URL: Blue Slide Playground at Frick...  Phone: 412-682-7275

Activity Overview

The Blue Slide Playground at Frick Park has been a fixture at Frick Park for many years. During the fairer months of the year it is not unusual to see kids going along with cardboard in the arm to head down the long slide built into a large hill in the park. With a castle themed playground and lots of climbing structures there is plenty more than just the slide to keep your kids entertained!

Things to Do

  • The playground at Frick Park has an interesting design because it is built on a hill. There are lots of tunnels, slides and climbing equipment for kids to play around on and the whole surface is covered with rubber so they shouldn't hurt themselves. Toddlers have their own area which is well separated from the other kids. And of course the slide is for everyone; young kids never tire of going up and down the famous slide!
  • Frick Park itself makes a wonderful destination with or without the children in tow. For sporty people there are red clay tennis courts, a bowling green and basketball courts too. Although it is currently being re-built the Frick Environmental Center is a great resource for teaching the public about conservation and respect for the environment. In the meantime you can get a similar education by walking the Park's many trails to appreciate the surrounding area's plant and bird life.

Blue Slide Playground at Frick Park Insider Tips

  • Don't forget to bring along a dried piece of cardboard for the slide, it's the best way to go flying to the bottom!
  • Details for renting picnic shelters at Frick Park and many other parks around Pittsburgh can be found in the city's information guide here.

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