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Bobbing for Donuts Game

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Activity Overview

Surprise the kids by hanging a special dessert treat to a tree branch and announce that you will be Bobbing for Donuts! Sometimes, the element of surprise is the very best way to capture the memories.

This activity sounds as if it would be very easy to accomplish, but in fact, the act of eating a donut that dangles from a string without using your hands can be quite a cumbersome task.

This fun, silly, and ever so inviting family game can be used as a great party game or simply as a fun way to treat the kids to some smiles and a snack. Get the camera ready for this activity, the laughter and smiles that ensue will be well worth the time it takes to hang the donuts.

Materials Needed

  • Donuts with holes in the middle
  • Twine
  • A tree branch or playset or clothesline

How to Make and Play

  1. Simply use twine to weave through the hollow centers of donuts and secure the end of the length of string to a tree brand or clothesline.
  2. Hang several donuts at different lengths and heights so that they are appropriate for all participants to reach.
  3. You can choose to have all of the participants go at once to secure a donut and eat it off of the string without using their hands or you can have them take turns accomplishing the task.

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