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Books of Wonder

Indoor Free
Educational, Cultural
18 W 18th St, New York, NY
URL: Books of Wonder  Phone: 212-989-3270

Activity Overview

Books of Wonder have been around longer than any other book store specializing in children's literature in New York. Today its store is amongst the largest of its kind in the Big Apple and sells books to teens and kids of all ages. Their collection includes all the latest releases as well as old and rare books making this an interesting stop for collectors. Aside from all the literature there are also plenty of toys, games and memorabilia on offer and various events and programs are regularly organized in store.

Things to Do

  • Books of Wonder runs a sideline in selling artwork from old and new children's literature. These illustrations are often quaint and fun while some of the more collectible pieces go for over a thousand dollars.
  • If you are a collector yourself then you could consider signing up to the Store's 1 year collector's club membership. With this membership you will receive 10% off each purchase and the store will do its best to supply you with first edition novels in pristine condition for you to grow your collection.
  • You can see on the Books of Wonder events page that the store is regularly home to launch events for new books. There are also plenty of book events for teen readers and in store talks and meets with popular children's authors.

Books of Wonder Insider Tips

  • If you are a fan of L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz books you should really pay Books of Wonder a visit for their especially dedicated World Of Oz section. They have all of the books from the original series in stock plus many of the follow-up books and plenty of memorabilia to please fans of all ages.

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