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Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum

In & Outdoor $$$
History Museums, Educational, Historical, Touristy
306 Congress St, Boston, MA
URL: Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum...  Phone: 617-338-1773

Activity Overview

The Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum is a re-creation of the famous protest in a full scale replica of the tea party ship, also museum exhibits. Visitors are invited to relive that historic night in the Boston Harbor on December 16th, 1773, when American Colonists took matters into their own hands to oppose British rule. Sense the emotion and determination of our forefathers who fought for our freedom and independence.

This attraction captures the spirit of the time with vivid actor portrayals. You will have a much better historical understanding of this event and it is entertaining to children as well.

Things to Do

  • Your visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum will last approximately one hour and will take you through a variety of virtual exhibits, authentically restored tea ships as well as traditional Boston Museum Exhibits that are all interconnected.
  • The tour is designed to give you the opportunity to participate, explore and learn about the people, events and consequences that led up to the American Revolution in the order in which they actually occurred more than 230 years ago.
  • First stop is the town hall. When you arrive, you are given a card with historical information about the character you represent. You'll sit among some famous Boston residents and be inspired to revolt. A few visitors will be pre-selected to say a few rallying words - the more you get into it - the more fun it is. The live actors really do a great job portraying the colonists.
  • Second stop is outside on the dock - you'll board the ship and everyone will get a chance to heave a box of tea into the harbor. This is a fun photo op.
  • Third stop - go below deck to see what the living conditions of ships like these were.
  • Fourth stop - Visitors will re-enter the museum (no photos allowed in here) to see a holographic depiction of colonists during this era and the struggles they were challenged with.
  • Fifth Stop - Enter a room with photos & memorabilia from the era, along with talking portraits!
  • Last stop - a stirring multisensory movie (you'll view this standing up) about the revolution.
  • Stop in at Abigail’s Tea Room for teatime and visit the Gift Shop for special souvenirs. It’s educational, entertaining and enlightening — an experience not to be missed by adults and children of all ages.

Tea Party Ship & Museum Insider Tips

  • Reenactments of the Historic Boston Tea Party are held annually in December at the The Old South Meetinghouse at 310 Washington Street, Boston.
  • Buy one get one free - MA residents receive free admission to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum when accompanied by an adult guest who has purchased a regular price ticket. To receive this special offer, simply signup for a free hometown pass. Then present your printed pass at the ticket window.
  • This tour is better suited for school aged children (8+)
  • This tour has both indoor and outdoor elements. Dress appropriately. You may take photos on the ship while tossing the tea overboard, but photography is not allowed once you enter the museum.
  • Discounted Parking - Farnsworth Street Garage (17 Farnsworth Street Garage 617-737-8161): -Weekdays - Museum visitors receive a discounted rate of $18 per visit with ticket validation stamp. $10 if you park after 5pm and out before 5am. Weekends – Museum visitors receive a discounted rate of $13 per visit – with ticket validation.
  • Dining - You can grab a bite to eat at the James Hook Co. (lobster rolls!) or at The Barking Crab.
  • The gift shop has some really cool items in it. One of our favorites is the black tri-cornered hat.

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