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Bottle Cap Dragonfly

Activity Overview

Our family always tries to save the plastic caps from our bottles, as they make great craft supplies. We recently pulled them out for this adorable Bottle Cap Dragonfly craft. This craft utilizes recyclable materials and makes a cute decorative garden accent. This craft also requires some adult supervision if you are working with younger kids.

Materials Needed

  • 1 plastic water bottle
  • 12 small plastic bottle caps approximately 1 inch in diameter
  • We also used some Squinkies balls or you can use tiny plastic eggs
  • 2 Large plastic bottle caps
  • 1 plastic drinking straw
  • Several plastic beads
  • Craft wire or plastic stretchy jewelry cording
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver or ice pic (adult supervision required to make holes in plastic caps)

How to Make It

  1. Have an adult use one of the tools suggested to poke a hole in each of the centers of the bottle caps.
  2. Cut a 12 inch strand of cording or craft wire
  3. Place a bead at the end of the cording/ wire and tie a knot at the end to secure it.
  4. Next string all of the caps and plastic balls or eggs together. Make a knot at the end when you are finished.
  5. Take the plastic ball or egg and open it up. Punch two holes for the eyes at the edges and two more for the knotting them together in the middle.
  6. Cut an 8 inch strand of the cording or wire and slip it through the eye holes. Knot the two beads at both ends to hold them in place.
  7. Cut an 20 inch strand of cording for hanging the dragonfly. Thread the wire through the other two holes and tie in a knot.
  8. Take your plastic water bottle , cut off the top and the bottom and use your scissors to cut the bottle into four oblong pieces. Use a hole punch to punch a hole through all four at the top of the oblong shape.
  9. Cut an 8 inch piece of wire and tie the wings together by knotting them.
  10. Use the two remaining large bottle caps facing each other for the body of your dragonfly.
  11. Tie the cording from the head, wings and tail together.
  12. Cut another 8 inch piece of cording and knot a bead at the end of that one as well.Put a cap on it and tie it together with the rest of the body.
  13. Put the second cap on as well as another bead, pull it and tie in a knot.

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