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Bouncing Balloon Yo-yos

Activity Overview

Quell boredom by having the kids make their own bouncing balloon yo-yos. All you need for this fun activity are some easily accessible items that you likely have in your home right now. You can certainly play with these yo-yos indoors if you have the indoor play space, but it is much more fun to let the kids have at it outdoors with these wacky toys.

Always use caution using balloons or elastic bands around small children as broken pieces can pose a choking hazard.

Materials Needed

  • A medium sized balloon
  • A funnel
  • Rice, sand, or salt
  • Several elastic bands

How to Make and Play

  1. Stretch the mouth of a balloon over the end of a funnel.
  2. Pour about a cup of rice, play sand, or salt into the funnel leading to the balloon..
  3. Tie off the balloon.
  4. Loop knot several rubber bands together and tie one end of the chain to the knotted end of the balloon.
  5. Slip the loop on the other end of the elastic chain over your index finger, while holding the filled balloon in your hand.
  6. Let go of the balloon as you would a yo-yo and the balloon will bounce up and down on the rubber band chain.

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