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Brain Museum


Activity Overview

Children and adults can learn a lot about the powers and functioning of the brain at the Brain museum located at the university at Buffalo, NY. Children can learn how the brain works and the anatomy of human brain with the help of brain specimens. Visitors can learn all about the human brain and see what a stroke attack does to your brain. The museum is also known as the museum of Neuroanatomy, admission to the brain museum is free of charge, but tours can only be set by appointments and there are no walk-ins.

Things to Do

  • The brain museum attracts students of neurosurgery, researchers and school going children interested to see the working of a real human brain.
  • The museum currently displays 85 brain specimens with more to come, the museum has been collecting brains since 1994.
  • The tours are educational and are conducted by the curator of the museum, Dr. Chris Cohan. Animal brains are also on display.
  • The specimens show the diseases and how it effects the brain, such as Alzheimer's, brain stroke and tumor.
  • Children can identify many parts of the brain in a brain specimen; parts like Hippocampus and cerebellum are highlighted.
  • The museum also highlights the history of research and acheivements in the field of neurosurgery.

Brain Museum Insider Tips

  • Call or email to arrange a guided tour.

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