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Breakfast Smoothie For Kids Who Hate Breakfast...

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It's morning. And that means it's time for breakfast. Your child slumps at the table. He hates food. She's not hungry. However, if by chance, you would offer your children a few cookies or some ice cream, suddenly their little eyes would light up and they would devour the entire bowl!

But you want your children to eat a healthy breakfast, and that's the problem. They won't eat eggs, they hate all seventy boxes of cereal you purchased, hoping they might like just one of them, and the only thing they want to eat is that lonely frozen waffle somebody accidentally left on the counter earlier that day.

Your picky eaters sit defiantly in front of you daring you to offer them something they can't refuse. You look into their eyes, now twisted in open resistance and contempt, and you realize that you can be your children's hero! You will not allow them to eat sugar-saturated fattening breakfasts. You will not allow them to miss breakfast entirely either. And you will act like a parent is supposed to act – in control – honoring your child's health and providing a blueprint for all future meal choices!

So you rise to the challenge. In true parenting style, you decide to sneak some nutrition into your children without them ever realizing that what they are eating is a healthy breakfast. Call it a milkshake if you have to, and prepare it when they are not in the room so they don't see the ingredients that go into creating the mixture, but you might find a surprising change in your children the next morning when it's time to feed them their morning meal – they might actually like it!

Read Breakfast Smoothie For Kids Who Hate Breakfast for the recipe.

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