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Bring New Life to Old Stuffed Animals by Transforming...

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Activity Overview

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of those stuffed animals that are no longer used or loved? Repurpose them and bring life back to them once again by transforming them into puppets with this light sewing craft.

You will need:

A stuffed animal

Felt or fleece for inside the mouth

A glove or a sock

Needle and thread

How to Make It:

  1. Wash and dry your stuffed animal if necessary.
  2. Cut open an opening of a few inches where you would like your hand to go in.
  3. Gut or unstuff the stuffed toy from the hand opening to the mouth area and set stuffing aside.
  4. Cut an opening fro the mouth.
  5. Cut a diamond shape larger than the finished size of the mouth will be.
  6. With your needle and thread start stitching the fabric to top of the mouth, folding under and keeping fabric flat so that no rough edges are exposed.
  7. If you like, pin the other side of the mouth and be sure that the mouth will open and close with your hand properly. Then close up the other side of the mouth the same way that you did the first.
  8. If you are using a glove, cut all the fingers off so that you have one big opening and not 4 individual ones or if using a sock, leave it as is and skip the next step. (If you are using a sock, the heel will be your thumb spot, if you are using a glove you will already have one)
  9. If you are using a glove, sew the freshly cut opening shut.
  10. Turn your stuffed animal inside out and stitch to attach the thumb of the glove to the center of the lower jaw of your toy.
  11. Turn right side out, put your hand in and stretch the mouth open with your hand as far as it will go and pin it in the center to the glove on inside and flip around ( the stuffed animal, not the glove) and sew.
  12. Restuff your puppet
  13. To finish, sew the glove or sick opening to the edges of the opening of the stuffed toy.

Now you have a functioning puppet ready for pretend play. This craft is to be used for all ages but requires adult supervision and guidance because it does involve sewing. The craft should be completed by parents and older children and will be enjoyed by all.

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