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Bronson Canyon

Outdoor Free
Hiking Trails, Healthy/Active, Adventurous
3200 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, CA
URL: Bronson Canyon  Phone: 323-666-5046

Activity Overview

The tunnel entrance in the Bronson Canyon is best known as the bat cave in the classic 1960s Batman television series. The area of the tunnel was originally the location for a quarry which closed in the 1920s. It's a popular filming location because of its remote and abandoned in the wilderness appeal.

Things to Do

  • It's an easy, less than a mile hike from Griffith Park to Bronson Canyon. The place is accessible from Hollywood. There are several trails in the area so make sure to look up the correct trail in the map. Follow the dirt road and when you are on the right track, it will only take less than a quarter of a mile to reach the tunnel.
  • The tunnel is small (around 50ft in length) and the three exits can be seen from the entrance. Go all the way through the exit and you'll get to see a good viewing point for the Hollywood sign.
  • From the tunnel, you can also proceed to hike on other trails (Canyon Drive, Mulholland) that will take you about 6miles roundtrip to to the Hollywood sign.

Bronson Canyon Insider Tips

  • Bring water and snacks.
  • The Bronson Canyon is in an isolated area from the Griffith Park. Take the necessary health precautions especially when bringing kids.
  • Trail is dog-friendly but make sure to bring water since there is no shade.

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